How to Fix Runny Sweet Potato Casserole

how to fix runny sweet potato casserole

The holiday season carries a distinct magic, a blend of warmth, nostalgia, and the delicious aroma of home cooking. At the heart of many of these cherished meals, there lies a dish so delicious, so comforting, that it has become a staple at the Thanksgiving table. Yes, we’re talking about the humble sweet potato casserole. … Read more

Is raw squid safe to eat?

Is raw squid safe to eat?

You find yourself at a lively seafood restaurant for an evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and your shared passion for the diverse flavors of seafood. Among the many options, one catches your eye – a raw squid dish. You’re tempted but simultaneously intrigued and hesitant. Is it safe to eat raw squid? This question lingers … Read more

How long is clam chowder good for?

How long is clam chowder good for?

Ah, clam chowder. A creamy, comforting soup that warms the heart and soul, especially during soup season. Whether you’re savoring a bowl of clam chowder in a cozy New England eatery or following your favorite easy soup recipe at home, the question of how long clam chowder is good for has probably crossed your mind. … Read more

How long are crab cakes good for?

How long are crab cakes good for

Crab cakes are a popular seafood dish enjoyed by many for their delectable taste and delicate texture. They can be served as appetizers, main courses, or even sides, making them versatile and suitable for various occasions. But what happens when you have leftover crab cakes? Proper storage is important to ensure your crab cakes remain … Read more

My New Cookbook is Here!

new cookbook_eastern_shore_recipes_vol_1

✨IT’S HERE!✨ My first cookbook, Eastern Shore Recipes – Volume I, is now available for download! After two-plus years of recipe testing, writing, photo shoots, proofreading, and yes, eating, I’m SO excited to share this book with you. This first edition is packed with tried-and-true Eastern Shore Classic recipes for quick weeknight dinners and leisurely … Read more