Cornpone vs Cornbread

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On the Eastern Shore, corn-based bread items are very important to many meals. The tasty hush puppies are made with cornmeal and deep-fried. They pair well with a variety of seafood dishes. But cornpone vs cornbread is a common question many people have – are they the same thing? In this post, I will share my thoughts that may help explain the differences.

Cornpone vs cornbread – What is the difference?

Cornbread skillet – 8 section

What is the difference between corn pone and cornbread? Cornpone is made with cornmeal, water, salt, and bacon drippings, whereas cornbread is made with eggs, sugar, butter, milk, flour, and baking powder. Corn pone has a stronger and thicker consistency than fluffy and airy cornbread.

Why is cornbread called pone?

cornpone vs cornbread  - best pan

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The answer is a bit confusing. Cornpone is basically cornbread without milk or eggs. As a result, cornpone is not as soft and fluffy as traditional cornbread. However, it is still very delicious!

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