My New Cookbook is Here!

new cookbook_eastern_shore_recipes_vol_1

✨IT’S HERE!✨ My first cookbook, Eastern Shore Recipes – Volume I, is now available for download! After two-plus years of recipe testing, writing, photo shoots, proofreading, and yes, eating, I’m SO excited to share this book with you. This first edition is packed with tried-and-true Eastern Shore Classic recipes for quick weeknight dinners and leisurely … Read more

How long do oysters last in the shell?

The Chesapeake Bay region is world famous for its amazing oysters. Whether you love oyster fritters, oyster chowder, or many other oyster recipes, they are truly a delicacy! With the oyster season just around the corner, you may be wondering, how long do oysters last in the shell? What are oysters? Oysters are a type … Read more

51 Best Chicken Recipes on the Grill | Simple & Juicy

51 Best Chicken Recipes on the Grill

We all love chicken recipes! They’re tasty and so delicious. But grilling chicken takes everyone’s favorite yardbird to another level. I have collected great chicken recipes for years and below I share my 51 Best Chicken Recipes on the Grill you are sure to enjoy! When it comes to food, Eastern Shore natives have two main … Read more

17 Little-known Facts- Are raw oysters good for you?[2022]

are raw oysters good for you

Oysters are a nutritious food for many individuals since they are low in calories and abundant in micronutrients. Oysters’ abundance of micronutrients is linked to several of their distinct health advantages. They’re a natural choice for keeping your brain healthy because they’re high in vitamin B12. But are raw oysters good for you? The article … Read more

How many layers are in a Smith Island cake?

How many layers are in a Smith Island cake

Why does Smith Island cake have so many layers? Before the 1930s, the island didn’t have electricity, and making thin layers in a wood-fired oven was easier than thick layers. Another common theory is that the thick, fudge-like icing between thinner layers helped keep the cake fresh when watermen are out on the water. With … Read more